Tenants’ Advisory Board founded

Dear musicians and tenants,

After a wave of support from musicians, tenants and sub-tenants (over 160 responses), we have founded the first tenants’ advisory board at Rockhaus Berlin on March 22nd 20201. We are currently a group of 13 volunteers. The advisory board is only active on a transitional basis and would like to prepare a regular advisory board election by August 31, 2021.

Objectives of the tenants’ council

  • The tenants’ council advocates the common interests and concerns of all tenants and sub-tenants at rockhouse.berlin.
  • It promotes community, solidarity and cultural diversity in rockhouse.berlin.
  • The external image of rockhouse.berlin is to be strengthened and established at an international level so that the house is perceived as a recognized cultural institution.
  • Communication and cooperation among tenants and sub-tenants in rockhouse.berlin is to be coordinated and strengthened.
  • In the interests of tenants and sub-tenants, the tenants’ council also promotes communication between tenants, sub-tenants and the landlord (GSE).
  • The advisory board supports individual tenants and sub-tenants within the scope of its possibilities in matters relating to rockhouse.berlin.
  • The advisory board is independent and has no commercial goals of its own

Current topics

We are currently primarily concerned with the following topics:

  • Fight for affordable culture and against changes to rental agreements by the GSE
  • Representation of tenant interests in concerning planned changes of the usage of the concert hall by the GSE
  • Preparation of the first official tenant council election in July / August 2021

You can find current information on the individual points on our website or in the showcase in the entrance area of ​​the Rockhaus.

Background infos

Since we can only do voluntary work in our free time and do not receive any financial support, our options are currently limited. Nevertheless, we try to work as best we can for you and the goals mentioned above. Generally the tenants’ advisory board is free, independent and NOT a body of the GSE.


If you have not yet got in touch with us, we would be delighted if you contact us through our website, our brochure or by e-mail. We still need active support in many fields and look forward to every helping hand.

The tenants’ advisory board is: Thomas Kunde, Benjamin Bölke, Matthias Weyder, Markus Pittlik, Behrang Alavi, Niels Schröder, Jörn Römer, Anne Ramin, Helmut Scherzer, Christian Stelzer, Christian Leske, Stefan Kaulfuss, Wolfgang Werfel