loses event location

After months of negotiations, the longstanding operator of the event hall in the resigns – 1,000 musicians are threatened with the loss of their ain attraction

Berlin, November 12, 2021 – the longstanding operator of the event hall at, Wolfgang Werfel, is terminating his contract as of January 31, 2022. This is the result of a months-long unsuccessful negotiations about the future use of the for the musicisans very important event hall in the rehearsal house in Lichtenberg.

In January 2021, some tenants of the became aware that the GSEgGmbH is seeking a new lease of the hall, combined with a change of use. From the beginning, the tenants’ council has clearly been opposed to the displacement of the longstanding operator of the event hall.

As an intercultural melting pot, the event hall of the is the main attraction of the rehearsal house. As such, it must continue to be used in a way that is appropriate for the and its tenants. The needs the the in-house possibility to realize public concerts, festivals and private events. In addition, the hall opens up the possibility for a wide variety of cultural events.

Furthermore the is facing extreme rent increases of over 80% in the next few years. The square meter price is expected to rise to over 21 EUR/month. Because of that it is important, that tenants can improve and use the value of their rooms to the maximum.

With that said, the Tenants’ Council has been negotiating for months with GSE gGmbH, the Jugendamt Tempelhof-Schöneberg and the Berliner Kultursenat about a use of the hall by the Drugstore youth project. “The concept presented to us can only

work if the needs of the musicians are also taken into account. This includes, in particular, an uncomplicated possibility to continue to rent and use the hall, at an unchanged level of security in the building. Otherwise, the planned restriction of the infrastructure would not be sustainable against the backdrop of rising rents,” the Tenants’ Council said today in Berlin.

In view of the impending termination, lack of negotiation results and lack of planning security Mr. Werfel has now drawn the consequences and terminated his contract due to the lack of perspective to January 31, 2022.

“We know Mr. Werfel’s difficult situation only too well and understand his decision. At the same time, however, we regret his step, as he has been a friend, supporter and long-time companion for many musicians, supporter and long-time companion,” says the tenants’ council.

The Tenants’ Council expects GSE gGmbH and the politicians to find a suitable successor and that the hall will continue to be available to the tenants of for cultural events.

For your Interest:

The in Lichtenberg, with almost 190 rehearsal rooms, in which around 1,000 musicians and artists rehearse and work, is one of the largest rehearsal and cultural centers in Germany. With its diversity, the is a flagship for the music and cultural scene in Berlin.

The was already on the brink of closure in 2019 and could only be saved through the dedication and and commitment of the tenants and the cultural senate. The was

rented by the Senate of Culture and is managed by GSE gGmbH.

In addition to the rehearsal rooms, the has a hall that is used for music events and also facilitates a kiosk and a musicians’ service (repairs, sale of accessories, etc.). The hall has been completely technically equipped by the current operators private means and can also be booked by the tenants of the for (commercial) musical use and for private events.

The net cold rents in the are to be increased in the next years in the context of a graduated rent by over 80% to over 21,- EUR. The graduated rent will be the end of the for many tenants.

Many, especially young, up-and-coming artists or music teachers, will simply be no longer able to afford this rent. Against this background, it is important that the existing infrastructure of the rehearsal house is maintained and expanded.


Tenants’ Council

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The Tenant Advisory Board is informing

Dear musicians and tenants,

since the end of march our landlord, GSE gGmbH, is sending out addenda to rent contracts,  which also include a rent increase as part of a stepped rent. A first review indicates a rent increase of about 80% over the next 8 years. 

Considering the restrictions for the creative sector at the moment and the planned new letting of the big room, which could have a heavy impact on the house’ infrastructure, we are very surprised by these measures and object to them with all certainty!

We already received a number of messages from tenants stating their incomprehension and resentment about such drastic raises.

The Tenant Advisory Board will get in touch with the GSE gGmbH and the senate for culture to discuss the planned rent increase. It’s questionable, if the musicians can afford the rent at it’s peak, or whether they want to afford it or not.

The GSE gGmbH has set the date on April 23rd 2021 for the returning addenda and is offering the opportunity for a personal hand-over on April 28th 2021 5:30pm-7:30pm at the

Regarding the given background, it seems recommendable to use the full range of the deadline and not signing anything premature.

We will keep you informed about the ongoing process and the talks with the GSE gGmbH  on our website

Please understand that the Tenant Advisory Board cannot give legal advice. Yet we will, within our means, inform about legal options and report them on our website, too.

Of course, every artist and tenant is free to get their own legal advice  and get in contact with the GSE gGmbH directly (contact information can be found on the GSE gGmbH letters)

Tenant Advisory Board
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Tenants’ Advisory Board founded

Dear musicians and tenants,

After a wave of support from musicians, tenants and sub-tenants (over 160 responses), we have founded the first tenants’ advisory board at Rockhaus Berlin on March 22nd 20201. We are currently a group of 13 volunteers. The advisory board is only active on a transitional basis and would like to prepare a regular advisory board election by August 31, 2021.

Objectives of the tenants’ council

  • The tenants’ council advocates the common interests and concerns of all tenants and sub-tenants at
  • It promotes community, solidarity and cultural diversity in
  • The external image of is to be strengthened and established at an international level so that the house is perceived as a recognized cultural institution.
  • Communication and cooperation among tenants and sub-tenants in is to be coordinated and strengthened.
  • In the interests of tenants and sub-tenants, the tenants’ council also promotes communication between tenants, sub-tenants and the landlord (GSE).
  • The advisory board supports individual tenants and sub-tenants within the scope of its possibilities in matters relating to
  • The advisory board is independent and has no commercial goals of its own

Current topics

We are currently primarily concerned with the following topics:

  • Fight for affordable culture and against changes to rental agreements by the GSE
  • Representation of tenant interests in concerning planned changes of the usage of the concert hall by the GSE
  • Preparation of the first official tenant council election in July / August 2021

You can find current information on the individual points on our website or in the showcase in the entrance area of ​​the Rockhaus.

Background infos

Since we can only do voluntary work in our free time and do not receive any financial support, our options are currently limited. Nevertheless, we try to work as best we can for you and the goals mentioned above. Generally the tenants’ advisory board is free, independent and NOT a body of the GSE.


If you have not yet got in touch with us, we would be delighted if you contact us through our website, our brochure or by e-mail. We still need active support in many fields and look forward to every helping hand.

The tenants’ advisory board is: Thomas Kunde, Benjamin Bölke, Matthias Weyder, Markus Pittlik, Behrang Alavi, Niels Schröder, Jörn Römer, Anne Ramin, Helmut Scherzer, Christian Stelzer, Christian Leske, Stefan Kaulfuss, Wolfgang Werfel

Initiative – Tenants’ Advisory Board

Dear tenant, sub-tenant or musician,

as you have surely noticed our landlord is planning major changes to Rockhaus’ infrastructure. These changes could have a big impact on all people using Rockhaus.

In our opinion the tenants and sub-tenants have too little involvement in many issues. We want to change this fact and we urgently need your help!

Therefore we are launching the initiative “Rockhaus Tenants’ Advisory Board”. If this initiative gets sufficient support all interested supporters will set up this Advisory Board. The Tenant’s Advisory

Board objectives are:

  • Formulating common interests and giving the musicians of Rockhaus a voice
  • Supporting communication and networking among tenants and musicians at Rockhaus
  • Supporting communication between tenants and landlord

You have the opportunity to participate in the initiative and the upcoming Tenants’ Advisory Board. If you approve of the idea but cannot actively participate we’d be still grateful for your consent.

Please let us know at short notice what you think about the idea and whether you would like to support us. We will keep all responding tenants informed about further proceeds.

Get to survey here

Benjamin Bölke, Micha Maass, Markus Pittlik, Behrang Alavi,
Matthias Wyder, Thomas Kunde, Niels Schroeder, Helmut Scherzer