Registration for the election and nomination for the tenant advisory board

Umfrage Mieterrat Initiative
Wahl – „Rockhaus Mieterbeirat“ / Election - "Rockhaus Tenants‘ Advisory Board." / Elección - „Junta Asesora de Inquilinos del Rockhaus” / Élections – «Conseil consultatif des locataires» *
Ich bin / I am / Soy un / Je suis *

*Registration is only permitted for active tenants or subtenants of the Rockhaus. Verifications of tenant or subtenant status may be made on a case-by-case basis by the active Tenant Advisory Board. If a tenancy or subtenancy cannot be proven sufficiently, an exclusion from the mailing list, as well as the voters and election lists will take place. By submitting the data, I acknowledge that the above data will be collected. It is assured that they will not be used for commercial purposes. It is only accessible to active members of the initiative and to subsequent members of the Tenants’ Advisory Board. It will not be passed on to uninvolved third parties. The data is recorded and used to get in touch with interested tenants of Rockhaus and to keep them updated on relevant topics. All members of the initiative and Tenant’s Advisory Board act as private persons. The above-mentioned usage and storage of my data can be contradicted at any time via email to email hidden; JavaScript is required