Initiative – Tenants’ Advisory Board

Dear tenant, sub-tenant or musician,

as you have surely noticed our landlord is planning major changes to Rockhaus’ infrastructure. These changes could have a big impact on all people using Rockhaus.

In our opinion the tenants and sub-tenants have too little involvement in many issues. We want to change this fact and we urgently need your help!

Therefore we are launching the initiative “Rockhaus Tenants’ Advisory Board”. If this initiative gets sufficient support all interested supporters will set up this Advisory Board. The Tenant’s Advisory

Board objectives are:

  • Formulating common interests and giving the musicians of Rockhaus a voice
  • Supporting communication and networking among tenants and musicians at Rockhaus
  • Supporting communication between tenants and landlord

You have the opportunity to participate in the initiative and the upcoming Tenants’ Advisory Board. If you approve of the idea but cannot actively participate we’d be still grateful for your consent.

Please let us know at short notice what you think about the idea and whether you would like to support us. We will keep all responding tenants informed about further proceeds.

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Benjamin Bölke, Micha Maass, Markus Pittlik, Behrang Alavi,
Matthias Wyder, Thomas Kunde, Niels Schroeder, Helmut Scherzer